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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 20, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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a mother has died after she and her daughter has been stabbed overnight and they knew the man who attacked them washington react toss senator john mccain's cancer doctoring, find out how he is doing after surgery to remove an aggressive brain tumor, plus this. i'm chris martinez, in nevada where a parole board will decide if and when o.j. will be a freeman, that story is coming up. good morning, it is thursday july 20th i'm rahel solomon. jim donovan is off. apparently heat just too much for him to make it in but katie, meisha is here keeping an eye on things. >> he just can't stand the heat. >> he cannot hang, he cannot hang. >> yes. >> we got this. >> well, looking outside, we
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have a bunch of construction and we have had quite a few accidents. not sure why. nice dry roadways but they are out there. >> interesting, sun glare may be a problem. it is not as big of an issue but that sun has listen in the last 15 minutes and when it comes up, it will just bake us we are looking to a steamy day yet again but we are at point where heat becomes frankly dangerous and we have excessive heat warnings as well as heat advisory that will take effect at noon time today. essentially every where, may feel as hot as 103 degrees through urban corridor. i-95 flanging counties in magenta shaded, that is where we have war of the heat. poconos carbon monroe counties , points north not included in these alerts but will be still hot. storm scan three all clear we have a pocket of showers which has been here since eastern half of the maryland and didn't make tonight to delaware. we may end up with the spotty showers or thunder showers,
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not enough to cool everybody off, enough to cool off neighborhood through second half of the day. bigger story remains extreme heat and humidity with highs in the mid 90's. we are shooting for 96 degrees in philadelphia, heat index values soaring as high as 103. one of those days that is certainly in the like we have never seen it before but take extra care because it causes it and think ahead about how you need to be prepared to be out in it. you will need extra water bottles and need to factor in frequent breaks into your daily routine here if you have to be out in this. again, this is really not a very clear cut end in sight until next week, meisha for war of it but we are in the middle of the heat as of right now. >> we say it all the time it can be dangerous, all right, thanks very much, katie. looking outside right new we have an accident, monitoring around this situation, because we are starting to slow down and get gaper delays. accident blue route north bound pennsylvania broomall
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pulled out blocking left lane and shoulder. you can see all flashing lights, and it also trickles up here as well. just a head up along this stretch we will start to get busy and seeing that traveling a little bit less than posted speed. ben franklin bridge traveling toward center city we are looking good there there was something off to the far right that has moved on so overall ben franklin bridge looking g i-95 south at cottman making your way in to center city we are looking good there as well couple vehicles tapping on the brakes but overall looking good. quick peak at schuylkill at city avenue once we jump off the boulevard looking great, rahel, back to you. updating breaking news manhunt underway after mother and daughter stabbed overnight in south philadelphia. moth der not survived her injuries. lets get out to jan carabao, all morning to bring us up to date, good morning, jan. >> reporter: good morning. philadelphia police describe both a tragic and violent scenario unfolding here in south philadelphia overnight,
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a mother and daughter are both stabbed, that mommies dead this morning, the daughter is in critical condition in the hospital and suspect in all of this that daughter's ex- boyfriend police say she broken up with him just a couple days ago and he was in the happy bit. you can see behind me here live on the scene this morning philadelphia police remain on the scene of the double stabbing and homicide, they have that home where this all happened taped off, bloody scene there stretches from indoors to outside. now this is 2700 block of daily terrace in south philadelphia, violence here unfolding just before 2:00 a.m. when a 25 year-old man stabbed his 21 year-old ex-girl friend in the neck. she was taken to presbyterian by police and is in critical condition under going surgery. second victim ace 48 year-old mother who was stab in the neck and chest multiple times, that mother was actually talking when they first arrived and police thought she would survivor, and she would then be taken in critical condition at hahnemann hospital and then later died
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at the hospital. now search is on for a killer and police say they have a solid lead. >> upset at the fact that he got dump. she broke up with him. that is information that we're getting that motivated this particular stabbing, we know hoe is, we know where he lives we just to have fine him. so we are confident we will fine him because every police officer in the city is aware right now. >> that suspect has been arrested in the pennsylvania. police do have his photo, last known address, fingerprints, they have real time cameras in this area that they say captured him fleeing the scene , but still at large this morning. here on the scene police are still working this area they are also interviewing witnesses, we are told there was an eyewitness inside his home at the time of all this violence. that person was not injured, that person is now speaking with police. we will keep you up to date but for now we are live in south philadelphia, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness
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news". >> jan, thank you. senator john mccain is recovering this morning in his arizona home after doctors find and remove a brain tumor. mccain had a procedure to have a blood clot removed from above his eye on friday and doctors made the discovery and diagnosed him with brain cancer. right now he is looking at chemotherapy and radiation. we will have much more and what mccain's collogues are saying at 6:30. after more than eight years inside of a nevada prison o.j. simpson will appear before a parole board to ask for his freedom. cbs news correspondent chris martinez is live with more on is what next for the hall of fame football star, good morning, chris. >> reporter: good morning, rahel. it is expect that this will likely be a very good day for o.j. simpson and if things do go in fact his way he will be a freeman in less than three months. o.j. simpson will appear in piss parole hearing in carson city through video conferencing from prison in lovelock. nfl hall of famer has served
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nearly nine years forearmed robbery of two sports memorabilia dealers in a vegas hotel room. today he will personally appeal for his release what they want to hear is i'm sorry >> reporter: legal analyst laurie levinson has covered simpson since he was charge and then later acquitted of the 94 double murder of his ex-wife nicole brown simpson and her friend ron goldman. >> if it doesn't fit, you must acquit. >> reporter: that murder trial cannot be considered by the parole board in this case, but they'll val wait simpson's behavior in prison, his age, and when could a risk to the public. the board is expect to hear from people supporting simpson 's release including one of his robbery victims up but experts say board members have likely already made their decisions. in 2013 the same board granted simpson parole on some of the charges but he still needed to serve four more years to reach his minimum time, behind bars. how surprised would you if he was not granted parole.
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>> if not granted parole there will be a lot of scrutiny on this parole board and they will say you treated him wrong or treated him unfairly because he was o.j. >> reporter: if parole is grant today simpson could be released in early october. more than a dozen people will be with o.j. simpson during this parole hearing today including one of his daughters , they are there to support him. some of them perhaps may even be speaking on his behalf. typically one of these hearings when it ends we don't get a decision for a day or two did you parole board hearsay they will for sure have a decision for o.j. simpson at some point today, rahel, back to you. >> a lot of people will be watching, chris, interesting to go see what happens, chris, live from carson city, nevada. because a lot of people will be watching cbs news will carry it live. coverage is expect to begin at 1:00 p.m. right here on cbs-3. sentencing day foreman who confessed to shooting a folcroft county police offices
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last summer. dahntay island entered guilty plea in may and could be sentenced to 140 years in prison. island had just been released from a 15 year term when he shot officer chris dorman seven times as dorman investigated reported drug activity. officer dorman has recovered and is back on the job. a dangerous stunt in philadelphia's juniata section end with the teen losing his leg. police say 13 year-old boy un successfully tried jumping on to a freight train, he was rush to the hospital but doctors were unable to save his leg. septa had to temporarily shut down trenton line all services are back to normal today. funeral service will follow a viewing for thomas meo one of the victims of the bucks county killings. long line of family and friend s stretched outdoor of the burns funeral home on frankford avenue last night. twenty-one year-old body was fun on the farm in solebury township. services for other three victims start tonight and continue in the weekend. cosmo dinardo and his cousin
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sean kratz have been charge in the murders. investigators say motive may have been drug deals gone bad. memorial and funeral for jimmy patrick will be held tomorrow at saint andrews church in newtown. yesterday family, classmates and faculty held a memorial at maryland where patrick was a honor student. school's president, led service which was close todd cameras. spoke beck a conversation with patrick's grand parents who raised the 19 year-old. >> really moments of the delight, they are thanking me for what jimi experienced here and how much love here, they were relatively composed but obviously just devastated. >> patrick's girl friend shared these pictures on public facebook page yesterday saying for more than two years jimi brought joy, laughter to her life. patrick was heading in to his sophomore year at loyola. later today we will learn will replace seth williams as temporary district attorney in philadelphia, 13 candidates interviewed for interim position at city hall
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yesterday, the appointe will serve until either republican beth gress man or larry krasner takes over in january. two will face off in the in general election, seth williams is in jail until his sentencing hearing in october on federal corruption charges. president trump is saying he would have never pick jeff sessions as attorney general if he had known that session was recues himself from the russian meddling investigation president told new york times the recuesal was quote very unfair and he would have picked someone else had he known. sources say trump's denouncing of his attorney general could prompt session toss quit something he has offered to do in the past. meanwhile that russian investigation moves forward, next wednesday donald trump junior and former trump campaign chairman paul manafort will testify before the senate judiciary committee during the campaign trump junior, manafort and presidential son in law jared kushner met with the russian lawyer who claim to have dirt on hillary clinton. kushner will testify before
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the senate intelligence committee on monday. explosions and dozens of boats on fire as this inferno races through a marina in texas. find out why they are worried about a lingering impact on the community. unaudible. >> demand for answers after another airline incident involving a family getting kick off a plane, we are hearing from both side. a warning about walking on to the first free wifi that you see it could cost you your identity, we will tell you thousand protect yourself next >> ♪ >> you may feel stuck like glue to take, the temperatures will be in the 90's, that is already pretty bad but katie's saying it could feel like it is in the hundreds today, katie, me, meisha we are all stuck like glue we will be
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here and katie will have your forecast when we come back.
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welcome back. investigators are trying to figure out what caused this fire in northern texas. flames erupted yesterday morning on a lake 75 miles north of dallas. that fire destroyed 20 boats valued at a total of $2 million. no major injuries were reported but now focus is on the environmental impact of the burning boats and fuel. one hundred year storm brings heavy rain and cause major flooding in utah. folks have major cleaning up to do after powerful storm tore through the city yesterday. authorities say at lee 100 homes were flooded, and they could not handle the massive amount of what the their fell in a short period of time.
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sending our thoughts to them. 6:16. katie, it doesn't seem like we are talking about rainfall here but we're talking about the heat. >> we will see a stray shower or thunder shower that is far from the headlines for the next couple of days, in fact, heat is absolutely, the big story for us, as is humidity. one place to beat the worst would be the shore but it is very hot here, here's my advice if you want to spend time outside and doing anything that requires exertion, make sure you are doing so before the heat of the day gets underway 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. is where that heat peaks this time of the year. we have a couple hours, window of opportunity to get it in. it is still steamy and this is how it looks outside beach patrol headquarters, it is hazy and we will see that sun, in the surface. here's how it feels, as hot as 103, 101 tomorrow, still not a picnic on saturday, up to 96 but at least there is some easing up at this point. all things considered daytime
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high reaching 96, flirting with record territory, that is brutal enough here today but feels so much worse when you factor in that humidity. shore, heading out, as we showed you all generally clear , hazy but water temperature 75, have your umbrellas on the beach too because you will be scorching under that sunshine and high of 93 degrees at the beach. we will get relief if you get closer to the shore but not all that much better out that way. excessive heat warning or advisory posted regional wide starting at noon time. by the time we hit early next week finally a break in the pattern and we are back to even below average tuesday and wednesday, meisha but with some sunshine too. >> i was going to say we have sunshine, dropping temperatures, we will love that, good morning, welcome to the gateway to the weekend, tacony palmyra bridge scheduled to go up in the next few minutes, there is a distance copping down. tacony palmyra bridge will go up in a bit. we did have an accident here blue route north bound pennsylvania broomall that has
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been since clear. blue route moving in both directions you can see it looking g422 headlights in the eastbound direction approaching trooper. this is what we are looking at there everyone traveling at posted speeds which is great what we want to see. then an accident here on the new jersey turnpike that just cleared. good news there we are still talking about construction still out there 95 north between woodhaven road and street road. what we are looking at here is starting at 9:00 a.m. this is i-95 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. and more activity i-95 north bound at girard point bridge right lane bridge inspections again 9:00a in. to 3:00 p.m. we will talk about that more coming up in a little bit. rahel, back to you. parents, it is not always easy traveling with kid this morning within family is demanding answer after they were kick off a jet blue flight in florida. >> we have three kid. >> what do you want me to do where do you want me to go. >> that was recorded on cell phone video, family of five from new york claims they were
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kicked off after their one year-old daughter kick the seat in front of her. >> the plane at that point turns back around and goes back to the gate. security from jet blue gets on to the flight and tells me and my family that we have to grab our things and get off the plane. >> family says they did manage to catch another flight out of florida the next day, jet blue says family was asked to leave not because of the baby but because of verbal altercation, with other passengers. next time you are out don't be so quick to connect to the first wifi you see pop up because scammers have figured out ways to steel your personal information like credit card numbers and even your identity using public wif i. as it turns out scammers can set up wifi connections through a router that appears to have the same name as a nearby business, hotel or airport and better business bo ro says they are seeing this happen all across the country. >> scammers know that and they will set up one of these wifi hot spots and make it look like a legitimate wifi spot
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where you can get into. the. >> bureau says an up tic in scams in the summer because so many people are traveling, officials say you should call your credit card corks your bank and police right away if you notice suspicious charges. still ahead something to do this summer that is fun and free meisha takes us on another dream drive. and they look like lady bug cars, find out where these vehicles are helping travelers , i like dots. we will be right
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welcome back. we have a potential for showers and thunderstorms on the p.m. hours of saturday but it will stay high with highs in the low to mid 90's and you will see sun along the way as well, rahel? all right, katie, thank you. new for newspaper headlines across our region. >> burlington county times one
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is not enough opponents of the proposed 30-mile long pipeline through burlington, monmouth, ocean counties are telling new jersey pine land commission, marathon meeting is set for next week to awe allow public to speak. although they hold 3,000 people opponents say there won't be enough time to hear from everyone. bucks county courier times allow to you take a closer look at that surveillance picture they want to know if he is same person who robbed three, 7-eleven stores in bucks and montgomery counties. man was armed or claimed to be armed in each robbery, call police if you recognize him. and in the intelligencer montgomery county man told federal he stole 40 million-dollar in bit coins, theodore price of hatfield is self described computer hacker and this one could be the largest virtual currency heist of all time. that is a lot newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. well, happiest place on earth has new fleet of cars for visitors who want to ride in fashion, disney world in orlando introduced these new
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polka dot rides called minivan s named after mini mouse. gets can book one using their smart phones and then disney character will take them to anywhere in the resort. all right. coming up next half an hour of "eyewitness news" how to save money on health insurance. plus he is known as a fighter and now senator john mccain is in the bolt of his life, we will have more on the cancer he is fighting and how washington is reacting. here in philadelphia a woman steals a taxi cab overnight and then picks up a passenger, we will have more, meisha. we are looking outside nice dry red ways budd we have a couple disable vehicles, bridge inspections and construction as well, i'll have those updates coming up. we will take a quick break stay where you are,
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♪ luis waited his whole life being crowned champions. so our wellness coaches developed a plan, to keep him fit and healthy. and when his moment finally arrived, his knees were up to the job. aetna. you don't join us, we join you.
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good morning i'm rahel solomon. jim's off today. it is just about 6:30. here's what you need to necessity in your morning minute today, july 20th, 2017. >> reporter: violent tragic scene in south philadelphia. the mother and daughter involved in this double stabbing, that suspect, the daughter's 25 year-old boyfriend. >> twenty-one year-old female broke up with him a few days ago. >> this disease has never had anymore worthy opponent. >> is there an outpouring of support from current, former leaders in washington after senator john mccain is diagnosed with brain cancer. >> it is a real shock. >> this hearing shouldn't take too long. by the end of today o.j. simpson will know when, if, he will be a freeman. a bizarre chain of events surrounding this taxi cab, woman stole it and took it for
6:31 am
a ride and pick up a passenger >> it has been a while since i have done there but no, it didn't work, okay, well, anyway, it is not just called the oval anymore, it is called oval plus because there is a ton to do here along ben franklin parkway. >> pat gallen getting to play in the sand for a preview of the oval, reopening along ben franklin parkway. katie, heading out to the ben franklin parkway or anywhere in the region, it will be another hot day. >> yes, here's hoping for pat gallen's sand castle gills are worse than his surfing skills because that should be interesting tomorrow. pat will be trying surfing. we will have details on that later in the show. turf give you details on how this day will unfold, because we are going to end up finding oppressive heat out there if you are spending anytime, whether it is at oval or anywhere else outside through midday, it will be very, very oppressive out there what started off with a brief look
6:32 am
at storm scan three which stays quiet lets move on. air quality alert posted yet again for broad zone across delaware valley all over garden state, maryland, delaware included and good portion of the southeastern pennsylvania. in short ground level ozone, fine particles pollution levels are higher so it will bother you if you fall in the sensitive category. if you have asthma, respiratory problems, you are a child or older folks out there this can be more taxing on you. take it easy. we have just saw that sun coming up in the last 45 minutes, it is already 79 degrees, so we can only go up from here. dew points are impressively high, 74 at the shore and in philadelphia. so yeah even though sun barely came up it feels like lower 80 's. where do we go from here on the thermometer i suspect we will hit 96, degree shy off the record, we will see how we do. at the shore not much better but it is a good beach day just make sure you are lath ering on sun block and doing so over the course of the day, multiple times and
6:33 am
also have an umbrella ready because that sun will be scorching but stray shower, thunderstorm is still possible for us as we go in the afternoon and evening but meisha, not enough to cool us down, most of us will to have deal with the excessive heat, through the entire part of the day. >> yes, thank goodness we will get a break next week, thanks very much, katie. looking outside ride now tacony palmyra bridge coming back down. it went up 6:20, 6:21 and on its way back down right now. we are looking at a couple disable vehicles as well. we have had one hero owe well, penndot zooming around. disabled vehicle schuylkill eastbound near montgomery drive. just a head up. by the way sun glare will be a issue as well. disable vehicle 95 south approaching cottman. both directions though i got to say for cottman right now, we're about a half pennsylvania 6:30, we are looking good. then we are looking at some bridge inspections 95 north between woodhaven road and street road between 9:00 a.m.
6:34 am
and 3:00 p.m. this starts and carries you through 3:00 p.m. one more here, 95 north at girard point bridge, right lane compromised that starts at 9:00 a.m. and carrying through 3:00 p.m. we have construction as well, crews are out there and it will be hot. route one north in southbound between 95 and stony hill road starting at 9:00 a.m. until 3:00. rahel, back over to you. police are investigating this morning after seven officers opened fire on a man they say was threatening them in kensington. "eyewitness news" on the scene in the 400 block ofe somerset street l responding to a call about a man armed with the semiautomatic hand gun. they said a man held it up and pointed it at officers. >> that is certainly use of force that would be permsible, you do have a right to defend yourself and anyone else present. >> four philadelphia and three septa officers were involved in the shooting, seven total. investigators believe man shot a woman in the nearby home before he threatened police.
6:35 am
that man is in stable condition. a bizarre chain of events overnight a with man is and rest after police say she stole a cab and pretended to be a taxi driver. police recovered the cab outside a police station in north philadelphia this began in germantown when the suspect , hailed the cab, once inside she trick driver into pulling over and hopped in the driver's seat and drove away. >> after stealing the cab actually drove several blocks and then pick up a fair. >> it didn't take long for police to catch the driver, officers spot that had very cab outside 25th district headquarters in north philadelphia. senator john mccain is recovering this morning after a doctors removed a blood clot above his left eye and found a brain tumor. doctors removed tumor and diagnosis the senator with brain cancer. here's cbs news correspondent moa lenghi. >> do i know this this disease has never had anymore worthy opponent. >> reporter: outpouring of support throughout washington for arizona senator john mccain who last night revealed
6:36 am
he has been diagnosed with an aggressive type of brain cancer. president trump offered his family's prayers saying senator john mccain has always been a fighter. former president obama tweeted in part cancer does not know what it is up against. give it hill, john. lindsey graham referred to his friend, said they spoke briefly by phone with the 80 year-old mccain insisting he will be back. >> we have talk about five minutes, you know, it is a tough way forward but i have been through worse. >> mccain had surgery last week to remove a blood clot behind his eye, pathology reports on the cloth revealed tumor. doctors say this type of cancer called glioblastoma has a median survival rate of a little more than a year. >> he is in for a battle. this is a serious cancer. this cancer is what killed ted kennedy. despite research that has been going on we have not made adequate progress. >> reporter: here in washington republican lawmakers were busy working behind closed doors on health care when news of the mccain's
6:37 am
diagnosis broke and stunned the room. >> very emotional. >> we stopped, we said a pray er for john and his family >> reporter: mccain has battled cancer before having been diagnosed with melanoma in 2,000. doctors say it is unlikely that diagnosis related to the current one. moa lenghi for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". also o.j. simpson will argue today yes should be freed from prison during his parole hearing in nevada. hall of fame football star was given nine to 33 years for his role in the 2007 memorabilia heist at palace station casino in las vegas. that came after simpson was ordered to pay 33.5 million-dollar in the wrongful death civil judgment stemming from the 1994 slayings of nicole brown simpson and ronald goldman. cbs news will care the parole hearing live. coverage is expected to begin right here at 1:00 p.m. on cbs-3. regardless of what the future hold for governmental health care plans there are tried and true ways to save money on your health insurance and care.
6:38 am
cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger joins us live from new york to help, good morning , jill. >> reporter: good morning. >> reporter: so most of us are covered by employer plans in some way, how much are we paying out of pocket. >> reporter: amazing a family plan now cost more than $18,100, workers usually pay on average, $5,300 of that. and a premium increase they have slowed down, they have increased, by 20 percent over the past five years, deduct ibles average $1,500, that is up 49 percent from just five years ago. >> it really add up. so how can we save money on health care. >> regardless of whether you are covered by an em in lawyer or a public option you just to have start by choosing the right plan for you, no way covered, how much it cost and whether your doctors are in the network. now many large employers are introducing high deductible health plans and they definitely offer lower
6:39 am
premiums, they are usually pared with health savings accounts which allow to you set aside pretax money to pay for costs. now i should also note working couples really need to compare how their various plans line autopsy begins one another. that can reduce costs. you may not realize it but billing department, doctors, health care facilities may be opened to negotiation especially if you are offering that makes their work easier like paying in advance and use cash. notify your doctor if you have high deductible they may give you a fee reduction and ask for generic drugs, and test their prescription are necessary and check every bill for coding errors. unbelievable. we have seen error rates up to 75 percent on bills. i know within more piece of homework, sorry. >> but that is good especially fit saves you some money, jill that is everything is negotiable very interesting.
6:40 am
>> exactly. >> thanks, jill, appreciate it it appears potties big business in colorado. state has rake in more than half billion dollars in revenue all thanks to recreational marijuana research group says colorado has pulled in 506 million-dollar in marijuana taxes and fees since retail sales because again in 2014. state officials say they have not conduct their own revenue study. that is a lot of money. up next meisha takes us on a dream spot that is perfect spot for nature watchers. take a look at this surfers, scramble to get out of the water at a major surf competition after a shark is spotted, pat >> no audio. >> ♪
6:41 am
>> pat on eakins oval having fun about what he is saying there obviously. it also feels like fire today, hazy, hot, humid, katie will let us know if we will ever, ever get a break from the heat , that is a bit dramatic we will be right
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you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. whoa, whoa! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that.
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you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be. (vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. welcome back to cws3 "eyewitness news". time is 6:44. already 80 degrees. apparently it will only get hotter so much fun, looking forward to that. south african surfing competition resumes today after a large shark got a little too close during round one. >> it looks like a may co shark, deep water fish. >> jeff went out and got his surfers one was mick fanning who was attacked and pull under water by great white at a very same beach.
6:45 am
onlookers say shark was not aggressive and in one was hurt today, katie would be a nice day to get out there but would you believe the shark is not aggressive, would you trust that. >> no, it is still a shark. he is not aggressive. he is just a shark. everybody hears the jaws theme in their head right now. that is how it goes, you got yourself a villain. >> yes. >> my favorite line, did you ever see that line, jack black , anybody? i love that. another one to add to your christmas movie bucket list and do it early in the season because it is not super christmasy, just happens around that time. christmas in july is a nice thought right now because it is sort of hot outside. we will look at eyewitness weather watchers. we are finding you in the low to mid upper 70's. very, very warm out here this morning, folks. lets check with folks start off with carrie higgins who has a haze in mount laurel. she has 75. warm night. hot day. she is hearing those dog days
6:46 am
of summer barking. i like that comment. another one into delaware where i know that jason is a landscaper. he has to be out in this heat. he has full sunshine in middletown delaware. it has been brutal for him last couple of days. great advice to not only take care or yourself but check on your loved won and pay extra attention to little won and elderly folks in your family making sure they are doing okay. lets that you can about where we stand when it comes to the actual thermometer and record we need to hit in order to tie or beat it. today we're shooting for 96. we come close with a degree of record that was set all the way back in 1991, 97 is that number. we will see how we do it will be a close one but at least for the most part, storm scan is quiet. we will see a couple spotty showers or thunder showers but that is key ward there, spotty , you will get at lee a little bit of cooling in a couple of neighborhood out of that in the afternoon and early evening but that is it. these are your dew points,
6:47 am
they are so close to the air temperature it just feels like pea pea soup out there it feels like you are walking, it feels like you are walking in peanut butter but just so thick outside, and it is not best hair day as a result. grab your heaviest hair spray and keep that handy as you go for lot here today. daytime high at their peak today, tomorrow, with the heat index both of these days as high as low 100. not much over weekend but we will finally catch what i would call relief, meisha wye tuesday. yes, katie i saw that image of peanut butter, so thick. >> yes, very sticky. >> it is. good morning, everybody. happy gateway to our weekend, so we are looking at the vine, closed overnight for construction that has been long since clear. what we are looking at as if you push in the westbound direction jumping on the schuylkill you can see you are starting to tap on your brakes here and starting to get very
6:48 am
slow. so eastbound, westbound give yourself maybe a couple extra minutes on the vine and then as we look in new jersey 42 freeway north bound at creek road approaching 295 we are looking good there too. i would say we are heating up here a lit built quicker then we were a half an hour ago. start to give yourself extra time on 42 as well, and then we are looking at blue route at baltimore pike taillights in the southbound direction but really southbound and northbound blue route is looking good, you're looking i don't want to say quiet but looking g then we have construction route two kirk wood highway near delaware park drive right lane and lights are flashing there, rahel, back over to you. oval on the parkway rush and it is expanding. tonight oval plus opened to the public, in addition to interactive games and summer programming this year they are also asking philadelphians for their ideas, "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen is live with the fun details, good morning, pat. >> reporter: good morning. not just oval but now oval
6:49 am
plus and we are a lucky city we are able to do great things across the town. right here is where it happens of course on the ben franklin parkway, specifically eakins oval. i got the drawing. look at this they have a map in the city of philadelphia, trying to marcus right here cbs-3, you know where it is at , 15th and spring garden. this is jamie from the fairmount park conservatory, hello, good morning. >> good morning. >> so tell us about the evolution of the oval now called oval puts. >> i'm from the fairmount park conservancy that is a non- profit that work to advance the park system along with the city of philadelphia so, several years ago we looked at a plan called more park less way, a plan done by an organization called penn practicals is and it recommended creating more park space along parkway, more fun programming along the parkway and better pedestrian access.
6:50 am
>> sure. >> it was all about getting people on the parkway. so, our pop up park here at eakins oval was first realization of the more park less way plan and thinks a fifth year in the row we have brought this pop up to life for the summer. >> so what has changed from the first four years to this year, was the plus. >> so every year it has been a lot of fun for people. people can come out here eat, we have a beer garden, fun games for kid. so all of those things are still here today and the plus means two things. first, we have a expanded footprint. we are in the just here at eakins oval in front of the art museum we have program at aviator park and shakespeare park through partnership with the free library and national academy of the sciences. the other thing that the plus means is that we're engaging people in a expanded way this year too. we're not just, we're inviting
6:51 am
them to come out here and have fun but we are also stimulating conversation about what people want to see for future of this space and future of the parkway as a community space as well. >> that is great because this space is ordinarily empty, parking lot so cool when we are able to transform tonight to something much more like this you can see neighborhood up here. so you are asking us. >> yes. >> to tell you what we want to do with our parkway. >> absolutely, yes. >> maybe a little botch i ball , horseshoe pits does that work. >> sound good. >> would i like that. >> people want to come out, it is for next month it starts today at 11:00 a.m. what are hours, how can they come out what can they do. >> hours are from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. we are running from wednesday to sunday. >> okay. >> every day we have a different type of programming. so for example, some days we have yoga and kick boxing, that is on wellness wednesday. >> right up my alley. >> thursday we will have dj out here every thursday
6:52 am
evening there is a dance party , on friday, we will have movie night. >> cool. >> families can come up and enjoy family friendly movies. sat kay is family game day and sunday we will have a great kid dance party. there is a lot to do and participate in. >> thanks, jamie, appreciate it. come own down have fun at oval plus and speaking of fun you know i like to have fun, tomorrow we are going to ocean city for cbs-3 summer fest. guess what i get to do? i get to jump on the surf board and make a fool of myself. not as bad as you think but we will have fun ocean city from cbs-3 summer fess. all day long will start tomorrow morning with us on the morning show. >> fun for you pat, fun for us we will see you tomorrow. >> love it, love it. >> every week meisha takes to us places we have got to see in our area and this one is free opened every day. >> opened every day, yes, it is, even on holidays it is a great spot for summer stroll
6:53 am
alone or with your pooch, friend, family, however and big bonus, the workers are out there helping to save creatures chris tall for our planet. lets go for a ride, shall we. who doesn't love a beautiful arboretum in the summer time we are on site at scott arboretum, swarthmore college and i got to tell you it is absolutely beautiful around here. lets go take a look around. becky roberts said you don't have to be a student or a member to explore. >> barriers are low. the most accessible garden in the area free, opened to the public 365 days a year. >> this is absolutely magical back here. >> yes. >> what i love so much is these old trees. >> you are currently under the menace sequoia, so as you walk up an down here we have white plantings underneath. you can venture over to the garden for those very bee
6:54 am
conscious, lots of great stuff , in in there things for the bird. >> i love to hear you have bees here there ace big preservation expert. horticultural list josh helps design displays every single year. >> summer time we have a lot of containers, so we show people what they can do with more tropical plants. >> these won right here. >> yes. >> we have containers here at courtyard. other thing we love is we try to label everything so you can come and see plants that catch your eye, smart phones, snap a picture of it. >> one of the best things is our peaching garden and magical spot it three is gardens all behind one simple house. i would be in big trouble if i did not say anything the am theater, scott arboretum am theater. it is a magical place with the beautiful view. >> great thing about the arboretum it is changing as far as flowers, plants looking
6:55 am
good but such an macing just sort of site. >> thank you so much for a hoe if you have not been to the swarthmore campus it is beautiful out there one of the things that struck me is how peaceful it is, bring your dog , walk around, whatever you want to do. that is definitely a must see. >> all right. >> put it on the to do list. >> we will be right back.
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here's three to go. police are looking for a man who they say stabbed his ex- girl friend and her mother. mother died from her injuries this unfolded overnight in south philadelphia. senator john mccain is looking at treatment options that is after being diagnosed with brain cancer, his friends say he is in high spirits. o.j. simpson may be granted parole during a hearing before a parole board today, cbs news will have coverage this afternoon at 1:00 p.m. on cbs 36789 that is three to go. last check with katie. >> very hot, hazy day on tap, barely make out the sky line because of the haze out there. here's where we are standing, we are flirting with 80. >> oh, boy, thanks, katie. cbs this evening month is next. join us each weekday morning here on cbs-3 at 4:30 a.m.
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have a great day. captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, july 20th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." senator john mccain said i'll be back after learning he has an aggressive form of brain cancer. our dr. jon lapook and cancer expert dr. david agus look at the new battle the senator faces. president trump unloads on his attorney general. he said if he had known jeff sessions would have removed himself from the russian investigation, he never would have given him the job. o.j. simpson asks the nevada parole board today to relice him from prison. plus the confrontation on a jetblue flight shows how airlines are


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